Rochester Michigan Photographer

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Are you available for dates that are not on your calendar?

Yes! My calendar is up so that clients can easily pick from some available dates, but if there is a different date that you had in mind, please reach out to see if I am available!

Where do sessions take place?

Unless discussed otherwise, all sessions will take place at an outdoor location in the Rochester, MI area.

What should I wear

Please wear soft earthy colors with layers and textures. It is very important that you do not wear bright colors or pastels, and instead stick with muted greens & blues, browns, mustard yellow, rusty oranges, and off whites. Ladies, don't be afraid to put on a flowy dress or skirt (brownie points if it’s floral <3) even if you don’t typically wear them, it makes such a difference! 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves pushed/rolled up look great for everyone. Consider investing in a beautiful throw blanket that you can use at your sessions over the years. Check out Forest & Bloom for kids clothing, her collections go very well with my style.

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When will the photos be ready?

Online galleries are usually ready for download within 4 weeks. You are welcome to share your gallery with friends and family. You can tag me @emileerosefilms

Will I get black and white photos?

Usually galleries come with a good mix of color and black and white, but some situations call for one over the other, this is a creative decision that I will make.  

What is your reschedule policy for portrait sessions?

If you need to reschedule your portrait session because of an emergency or sickness I am happy to let you pick from any other available dates and times with no extra fee. Let me know as soon as possible so that I can offer your time slot to another client. 

What if it is raining for my outdoor session?

I love stormy skies and shooting in very gentle rain, but if it’s raining hard or actually storming we will reschedule. I typically reserve the last week of each month for reschedules.

How can I prepare my children for the session?

When preparing your children for the session I wouldn’t ask anything other than for them to come hang out and have some fun! No need to prepare them to smile because I don’t want fake smiling photos, save those cheeses for school pics! I prefer to work quietly with young kids and toward the beginning I might direct them a bit just to get a feel for how cooperative they are. If they aren’t cooperative, just stay positive and let me hang out with them and capture them the way I do my own children.

Can I bring my pet?

Well behaved pets are more than welcome. Let me know ahead of time if you plan on bringing your furry family member because some locations do not allow pets. Please do not take your pet off of their leash if there is a leash policy. It helps to bring along an extra person that can care for your pet while we do some photos without them too.