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This month's Blog Circle theme over at Artists Inspired is "Orange" and I couldn't be more excited to share my take on it! look around, and then continue on to the next Artist's blog which is linked at the bottom! -Emilee



Thought I would get things started right with a shot from one of my most recent sessions with a sweet family. The light was totally gorgeous, and I knew that I wanted it behind them as they walked across the field, but it was so intense that I needed to block it out a bit so that I could grab focus on them and also reduce some of the haze and flare that comes naturally when you shoot toward the sun. I've learned to accomplish this by using my left hand to guard the top of the lens, this always creates a warm & dramatic, but softly domed frame over my subject that I absolutely love. Images like this make me so happy, when I'm just doing what I love and the little things work out so perfectly.



Here is a shot from a recent trip to Mackinac Island to second shoot a wedding with a wonderful photographer friend. Wedding photography usually means hauling along a very large bag or two of equipment, so at the end of the evening, we were more than happy to hop on a horse taxi and enjoy some of the sights as we made our way back toward the ferries. We were well in to the blue hour, the light outside was soft and cool, so when I saw this warm cozy storefront I knew I needed to capture it. As we passed, I quickly grabbed a frame while shooting from the hip, to avoid anyone looking directly at the camera. The art of street photography, and the techniques needed to get the shot you are looking for have always fascinated me, and is something I will spend more time practicing over the next few years. 



A few more favorites from the month...

I love how the oranges are always accompanied by a teal/green color. Which reminds me, winter is my time to paint! I learned so much last year about color theory, and I've had all summer for it to sink in and to practice different color grading techniques on my images, so I'm really looking forward to creating some pieces for my home!  

This post is part of the Artists Inspired Blog Circle series. Follow the links for more amazing visions of the theme, “Orange.” Next up is the talented artist Shelby White!

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